Learn, in practice, how to take your school forward.Be inspired by outstanding lecturers and schools, receive individual support and gain by sharing within a community of people who understand you.


Lead Live is a two-year training course for school leaders totalling 350 hours. In August 2019 the first cohort will begin the course.

For whom

The headteacher and their deputy attend the course together as a pair. In certain cases, subject to prior agreement, the deputy's place may be taken up by another member of the school leadership team with responsibility for teaching quality.

The course is for pairs who feel motivated to work to ensure children in their schools learn to the full and with enthusiasm, and who want to share their experiences.

Participants from both primary and secondary schools may apply for the course, irrespective of their school's size or location or the length of their leadership experience. We believe that variety is enriching.

From whom

The Lead Live course is run by Teach Live in collaboration with a broad group of experts, schools and other partners.

You will attend 350 hours of training

The course will last two years, from August 2019 till June 2021.

Training session
184 hours

Under the supervision of experienced guides and lecturers you will explore shared topics that carry over into your everyday practice. The sessions will be focused on school leadership needs. You will address your school's vision and culture and the quality of its teaching. You will regularly reflect on your work, actively discuss, practise, and connect your experience with theory.

  • 6 one-day sessions in Prague

  • 4 two-day sessions in Prague

  • 4 three-day sessions outside Prague (board and lodging provided)

  • Dates for the 2019/2020 year

  • Course guide

Individual support
22 hours

You will be allocated a perceptive coach or mentor who is also an experienced headteacher. As it suits you, you will be able to foster your enjoyment or solve challenges that face you in school and more generally. You can make use of a facilitator, who can guide you in relation to a specific issue you are addressing at school.

  • 12 hours with an advisor, mentor or coach

  • 10 hours with a facilitator or lecturer

104 hours

You will learn to look for inspiration. We will give you plenty of opportunities to do so. As part of the course excursions you will get to know inspiring schools and businesses. You will attend placements with experienced headteachers at their schools. You will have the chance to attend a subsidised foreign excursion.

  • 5 one-day group excursions

  • 3 two-day placements

  • a wide selection to choose from

  • optional 5-day foreign excursion

  • placement partners

Self help groups
40 hours

In facilitated small group meetings you will share with people who are addressing similar issues in school (peer-to-peer support). You will learn how to use the opportunities mutual collaboration can offer.

  • Group meetings of varying length (based on participants' needs and availability)

What you will take away

You will foster your inner pedagogical leader

You will learn how to work with your team members’ motivation and co-build a school with them that puts the children, their learning and development at its core. You will lead people on the path to achieving this vision.

You will obtain targeted individual support

You will receive coaching and mentoring support according to your needs. You will choose for yourself what to work on. You will put the experience and skills you gain to practical use at your school.

You will share your experiences in a community of people who understand you

A group of likeminded people will form a safe space for sharing and support, where you can exchange practical experiences and share solutions to complex situations. You won't have to go it alone any longer.

You will work with evaluation that moves you forward

You will learn to use self-assessment effectively and work with regular feedback from lecturers, colleagues and children. You will tailor your own professional challenge, which will keep you on track.

You will take inspiration from outstanding lecturers and schools

Skilled lecturers with proven experience. Targeted placements and excursions to schools and companies that broaden your horizons. World-class know-how and the opportunity to visit inspiring institutions abroad.

Entry conditions

Admissions process

Candidates attend the whole course as a pair from a single school – ideally the headteacher and his/her deputy. The key criterion for admission is the motivation and desire to improve work with children at your school.

1st round

In the first round we hope to gather some basic information about you and your school. For that purpose, please send us your completed on-line application form, your CVs and a jointly written essay explaining your motivation to take the course. On the basis of those documents we will make a preliminary selection and the shortlisted candidates will be invited to take part in the second round of the admissions process.

2nd round

In the second round we will meet you in person, talk about your work at school and also introduce you to some of the other candidates.

Graduation requirements

Successful completion of the course is conditional upon attendance at group meetings, placements and excursions, active participation in self-help groups and continual work on your professional challenges.


  • The course fees are 33,000 CZK per person per year.

  • Participants who apply by 21 April pay a reduced rate of 30,000 CZK per person per year. To qualify for this, the on-line application form and all associated documents (CVs and motivation essay) must be submitted by that date.

  • The fees include accommodation and meals during the three-day sessions in August and February. The fees do not include the foreign excursion, which is an optional part of the course.

  • Exceptions to the payment schedule (for example, paying the fees in instalments over three years rather than two) may be possible in certain circumstances, please discuss your needs with us.

The Lead Live course aspires to the highest quality standards and is also in an intensive developmental phase. The real cost of the course is 150,000 CZK per participant per year. At present, our financial partners are substantially subsidising the course so as to render it affordable for participants themselves.

Participants in the pilot cohort will gain the opportunity to contribute to the development of the course itself while obtaining top quality training at a substantially subsidised rate.The subsidised fee rate is intended to enable staff from public (state) schools to participate. If participants are from a private institution, they should attach to their application a justification explaining why they should be accepted for the course and supported by the Lead Live financial partners.

Frequently asked questions

Why does the course cost so much?

The cost is a result of the length of the course, its intensity, interconnection with school placements, and individual support element. Long term studies have shown that this training model is most effective and has the greatest impact on the way children are taught in school, thus it makes sense to invest in it.

The true cost of the course per participant is 150,000 CZK per year. That is beyond what most schools could afford in the current circumstances, and so we will cover the majority of the cost through bursaries funded from philanthropic resources.

Why must participants come as pairs?

We believe in the value of collaboration and a culture of openness. In teaching, in teacher training and in school leadership. It's all just better together.

I'm a headteacher. Can I take the course without my deputy?

No. Admission to the course is conditional upon a joint application from a headteacher and deputy. In certain circumstances we may permit another member of the school leadership team, with responsibility for teaching quality, to attend in place of the deputy head.

Can another member of school staff attend in place of the headteacher?

No. The headteacher must attend. Empirical studies, foreign experience and our own headteachers have all found that in order to achieve the greatest effect on learning, the headteacher must take personal responsibility for the school's pedagogical evolution.

Is the course accredited?

The course is not currently accredited. We will complete the process of DVPP (further teacher training) accreditation during the pilot run of the course. This means that at present it is not possible to cover the cost of the course from "šablony" or "ONIV" funds.

If you have further questions, write to us.